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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Scanning On My Printer - Not!

WEll this is a bit of a RANT today. Talk about the ungratefulness of one's offspring ! Huh!

You see, I didn't have a digital camera before and my travel photos were takne with an old Instamatic - $24.95 from the local chemist. Well, anyway, the only way to get them on my webiste/blog/Picasa, is by either

a) Taking them to a shop and having them scanned or
b) Doing it myself.

And ata price of a b out $360 a pop for the bleeding photos I'm not spending that amount of money - for starters I don't have that kind of money and secondly, I have discovered Junior (youngest lad still living at home) has a printer which is also a scanner.

Sweet I thought, I'd gone to visit one of my older boys who told me this - older boy rang him blah blah, anways.... I asked Junior on Monday would he show me how to use it. His reply?

A very definite "No - I'm going to Warwyick's house" Hmm... so then I asked him when would he be able to show me and about connecting his printer/scanner to my computer.

Therein lies another problem, "I'm not wasting time disconnecting my printer from my computer then connecting it up to your computer - You have to install printer software and that takes too long. It'll have to be done on my computer"

Of course then we have problen number 3, or is that number 4? If my photos are scanned onto his computer, they then have to be downloaded onto a thingy (forget what they're called) and then that thigny gets plugged into my computer and then downloaded. And that's not all -= having to scan them in his room means what? I can't do it when he's on the 'puter plus, his ruddy printer's on the floor which means a hellava lot of bending down and at such an akward position, I reckon the result would be pretty poor anyway.

So, what's the solution? Dunno. my older son's missus has a scanner, maybe she'll let me use hers? Still they live a fair way away which is a real pain, and if that was an option, surely he would have said "Mum, you can use A's scanner?"

Ah well. maybe I'll have to fork out money I don't really have and just go and buy one.
BTW, this was Junior when he was younger -

- Such a nice boy he was too!

Rant over - gotta get ready for work.
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