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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Leaving Babies/Children In Cars

Listening to the radio last week, a lady rang in saying she saw a young baby left in a car unattended in a shopping centre, the baby was distressed and crying. She stayed by the car. A "good samaritan" was able to get the baby out of the car, police were called, eventually the parents were located. The baby is 3 months old. When they were asked how long had the baby been left in the car, they replied only about an hour. According to the caller, the parents didn't seem bothered.

How can parents be so irresponsible?

It can take as little as 15 minutes in an overheated car for a child to suffer life-threatening brain or kidney injuries.

When body temperature reaches 40°C (104°F) internal organs shut down. At 41.6° (107°F), children die.

Today I'm shocked to read "Paramedics have been called to 19 cases of children being locked in cars in the past two days." We have temperatures of 43° (110 F) and idiots still leave their children in cars.

"Ambulance Victoria's plea for parents to stop leaving children in cars alone is one of several health warnings as Victoria prepares to swelter through another 40-plus degree day.

AV spokesman Paul Bentley told Ross and John there were case eight cases during yesterday's 43 degree heat and 11 on Monday"

""Some days there are more deliberate acts, like on Monday (when a father) left four children in the car when he went in the bottle shop," he said."

""There are others where mum and dad are quickly getting the children in car, leave the keys on the front seat ... and accidentally lock the child in the car."

What is wrong with these people? Somebody should lock these adults in cars in 43 degree heat and see how they like it, maybe then they wouldn't do it.
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