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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Trump Stupidity

Australians, forget America, what happens over there is for the American people, not Australians and if you think America thinks we are important enough for them to take notice of us, then you're living in fantasy land. We are just a pimple on an elephant's backside to the US. Stop grovelling.

While sitting at Chloe's Bar with friends on Saturday afternoon, I noticed a largish group of people walking in the middle of the road. They looked what my father would have called a "bunch of no hopers". Relating the incident to family later, I said they weren't our sort of people - they looked like a bunch of ratbags. This raggle taggle group of people were protesting about Donald Trump being elected President of the USA.

Above: Photo of protesters, taken from window at Young & Jackson's overlooking Swanston Street

What a load of rubbish - this is Australia, not America. Today, I did a google search to find out more and found this -

Protesters gather in Melbourne to protest against election of Donald Trump

"F--- Trump and Hanson too, we're going to fight them through and through." So chanted about 80 protesters on the Flinders Street station steps in an anti-Donald Trump rally that followed a string of largely student-led demonstrations across the US.

The crowd that included socialists, Latinos, feminists, LGBT people, anarchists and unionists - many of whom were university students - gathered for the rally on Saturday, which was organised by the Monash Student Association.

Hah! What do you expect? I said they looked like a bunch of ratbags and I was right. Anarchists and unionists indeed! They should get a life these people and stop carrying on like two bob watches because they don't like something. Big deal, life isn't always fair - get over it.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Things to do today Saturday 30th July

With a mind like a sieve, writing things down seems to be the only way to remember. Any posts labelled "To do today" will probably be boring, dull and bland and interesting only to the writer. Feel free to not read said boring, dull and bland stuff.

Damn and blast! I was going to add some "remember" images but Picasa uploader isn't working. AGAIN. Sigh............I'll just have to wait. (For the image uploader thing to be fixed. Meanwhile,  this post will be 'posted' that is published, I'm not leaving it to wallow in outer cyberspace until google get their act together.

1. Ring Garden City, ask about price. Buy item
2. Ring Camberwell, ask about price. Pick up item today.
3. Ring Williamstown, ask about get back tank in scuba blue xl. Ask to hold.
4. Ring Fawkner re serengeti story being bundled. Top T33050, Cardi T11103.
5. Make decision on online order.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

This is ... Interesting ...

Is she saying, "Hahahahahahahahahaha"? or just picking her nose?

Not sure what it is meant to be .....

..... but I like it.

P.S. Most of us can guess the written word is my wedding album (or photo album) but what does the hand action mean? Could it be she's going to wash that man right out of her hair?

....Or is it just a woman's prerogative?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Battle of Hogwarts 18th Anniversary

Remember when Hogwarts and staff and Harry battled the forces of good and evil? Remember "He who must not be named"? and all that wand waving and flashing light? It all happened 18 years ago - well 18 years and one day - should have done this post yesterday but I forgot about it, or as they say in the Italian Family business "fuggedaboudit" or rather I fuggodaboudit! (I know, I know, excuses, excuses, excuses)

Well anyway, it's been eighteen years since that happened - May 2nd 1998. Some of my favourite characters died in that battle. Lupin for one - I liked Lupin. Poor old Lupin, he could never have survived though really when you think how ill and thin he was - all that teeth gnashing and growling, the life of a werewolf is not particularly happy. He was the only decent Defence Against the Dark Arts they had. Professor Quirrel was hopeless (it didn't help that under that turban of his, Voldemort stuck to the back of his head like a limpet), then there was Professor Gilderoy Lockhart - very vain, had tickets on himself and was a liar to boot, not to mention a cowardly custard! (ended up in St. Mungo's for the insane after having his memory wiped) Alastor (Mad-Eye) Moody who was in actual fact Barty Crouch Jr. a Death Eater, that horrible witch Professor Dolores Umbridge ugly evil toad need I say more?

Then there were the Weasleys - red hair, vacant expression, hand-me-down clothes - obviously a Weasley. The twins Fred and George who kept us entertained with their hijinks and pranks are no more - no more twins. There is only George since Fred is no more, says Fred just before he died, "You actually are joking Perce, I don't think I've seen you joke since you were -"

And Snape - remember him? Severus, aka "Smelly" who we all thought a rotter was actually one of the goodies, well he popped his clogs too. YOu only find out he's a goody then he's dead but perhaps that's for the best, I mean we've been with Snape from the very beginning - he was the character you most wanted to hate yet he was popular which is probably more due to the actor who played him (Alan Rickman) than just Snape himself.

Who knows what the next generation of children will bring - will they love Harry Potter like the hundreds of children before them? Who knows, but .... Curiosity is not a sin… But we should exercise caution with our curiosity… yes, indeed.

What still want more?

You tell 'em boys

Hermione and the twins

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs are proud to present .....


"Mr Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business.
Mr Prongs agrees with Mr Moony and would like to add that Professor Snape is an ugly git.
Mr Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a Professor.
Mr Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slime-ball."


That's all .. Sorry, can't hang out, it's Quidditch season. You know how it is...


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Overweight #02

Well now, I did say in my previous Overweight post to be continued did I not? Well of course I did. Yesterday when I was at the doc's, I spoke with him about how overweight I am.

Well it's official I am seriously over-weight. Look, I knew I was over weight words like fat I can live with but the word obese is horrible and I won't be using it. I was overweight before I stopped smoking (10 weeks ago) and I had been putting on weight for a while but it has now ballooned out of all proportion to plague level. I find it hard to breathe, am nearly always short of breathe, my feet and ankles look like they belong to the fat lady at the circus and my clothes are tight. The only exercise I get is walking to/from the car.

A friend suggested when getting home from work, before going in the house, walk two houses then come back. Do the same in the afternoon (I work a split shift). The next day walk past three houses, next day four houses and so on, increasing by one house per day. I started this a few days ago - on Wednesday 13 April - tomorrow I will be "on" six houses. On the third day, I forgot to do my houses in the afternoon and when I remembered it was past eight o'clock but I went and did them although I got mixed up and only walked three houses instead of four. And then on the Saturday when I was walking five houses, I realised I I'd got mixed up the day before (Friday) and had only walked three houses in the morning as well. I know this is true because today, I didn't remember seeing the fourth house yesterday.

Embarrassed about Weight
Spoke with doc about being overweight and asked him to weigh me, and no, I won't write my weight up but never have I weighed this much. I am too embarrassed to say what I weigh. How do I go about losing weight? A special diet? Too much like hard work and I doubt I would stick to it. Cutting things out of diet? Cutting down and eating smaller serves? Doc today said eat smaller serves, when I asked him did that include breakfast because a serve of cereal is only 45 grams, he said yes. I did tell him after meals my stomach doesn't feel full and I am still hungry. He replied tough. Make yourself wait 20 minutes then you'll feel full.

About 15/16 years ago, I had occasion to visit the doctor's at the end of my street (he wasn't my doc but he was only a few houses away) and I remember seeing this diet. I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember it proclaimed to guarantee you would lose 3kg in 10 days. Great I thought, I have to try this. It also said it was medically proven and okayed by a doctor. So I started this diet, while most of what the food was has been forgotten in the mists of time, I do remember having to eat cottage cheese (yuk it was revolting) and a banana (double yuk, I stopped eating bananas when I was ten years old and couldn't stand them). I almost puked I felt so sick of that bloody cheese and banana, but I persevered and was excited to find I had lost two inches off my waist, an inch of the hips, and a bit off the thighs.But it was the loss around the waist and stomach area that had me sold. By the time the ten days came around, my mouth was terribly dry, and there was something else which wasn't good but I knew I had to lose weight.

That's it! I decided that's it I'm going to lose weight and went from 92kg to, it was either 62.5 or 60.5. I kept the weight off for a few months then gradually it came back on only this time around I weigh a lot more than I did then. You see losing those initial inches gave me the boost I needed to want to lose weight. It's no good saying, "I have to lose weight, I wish I could lose weight" - you have to want it, the feeling has to come from inside, and until that happens, you will not successfully lose weight, you will not have the will or inclination to do so. I speak from my own experience - the feeling must come from within you. Although I know I have to do something bout my ballooning weight and I want to lose weight, I am honest enough to be able to admit I do not have the "I want to lose weight feeling" I had all those years ago. Will that feeling come back? I don't know, but I know that this isn't something that can be forced, you can't force it, it has to come naturally.

Today's quote: It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Giving up Smoking #5

Ten Weeks Today

Perhaps I should write a novella and call it "The Evils of Smoking and Why I Gave It Up"! (Just joking)

I don't consider myself an ex-smoker, I'm someone who has stopped smoking, someone who has given up the fags, I am not ready either to say someone who has quit. For some reason I don't like the "quit" thing. Don't know why, just know I don't. Maybe this has to do with the time when I rang the Quit Line quite a few years ago, and the lack of empathy and understanding coming from the person on the end of the line was awful. She had no, she had no nothing, no sympathy, no help, just nothing. She was hopeless. When I got off the phone all I wanted to do was smoke. Honestly, she'd drive a man to drink. She had never smoked in her life. I know, because I asked her. So don't go sprouting and mouthing bleeding heart stuff if you can't put yourself in the smoker's shoes. How can one have knowledge or experience if one hasn't lived it or at least tried to find out as much as one can?

I am reminded of something told me about people trying to get of heroin, the physical craving may have stopped, but the mental craving takes a lot longer. Perhaps it is this way with smoking too, the mental craving is there and that is the hardest to let go.

Found on the internet:
When an ex-smoker watches a person smoke a cigarette, he often fantasizes about how much the smoker is enjoying it--how good it must taste and make him feel. It is true he may be enjoying that particular cigarette, but the odds are he is not.

Most smokers enjoy a very small percentage of the cigarettes they smoke. In fact, they are really unaware of most of the cigarettes they smoke. Some are smoked out of simple habit, but most are smoked in order to alleviate withdrawal symptoms experienced by all smokers whose nicotine levels have fallen below minimal requirements. The cigarette may taste horrible, but the smoker has to smoke it. And because the majority of smokers are such addicts, they must smoke many such cigarettes every single day in order to maintain a constant blood nicotine level. Source

I don't know about the first paragraph, but I do know about the second one because it is so true. "The cigarette may taste horrible, but the smoker has to smoke it" - true, true, true.

Literally over 90% of the tar that is inhaled stays in the lung, when you see a person exhale they are literally blowing out about 10% of the smoke.

OH bloody hell. That's a wake up call.

The Mental Addiction

The physical cravings may have gone, but it's the emotional crutch, the mental cravings that take longer. One website said 'It takes at least 3 months for your brain chemistry to return to normal after you quit smoking.' I found this website Addictions and Recovery which gives a very good explanation and ideas. In one section it says "Some studies have suggested that nicotine is as addictive as crack cocaine" - an addiction is an addiction whether it's legal or illegal. Going through giving up smoking, I find I have more sympathy for drug addicts because in the past, I didn't see smoking as an addiction or smokers as "addicts". To me an addict was a drug user like a heroin or ice addict.

I liked the bit that says Plan to keep yourself busy in the beginning. Too much unstructured time is not a good thing when it comes to smoking cessation. And the section about celebrate your victories makes good sense e.g. Take the money you’ve saved and buy yourself a treat once a week. I didn't do this but I did buy a winter jacket for work which I know I will get a lot of use out of. The one I have isn't all that warm.

Today's quote: I'll never feel comfortable taking a strong drink, and I'll never feel easy smoking a cigarette. I just don't think those things are right for me ~ Elvis Presley.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Giving up Smoking #4

Eight weeks today since I stopped smoking. Yes I miss it and Yes I wish I could have just one smoke with a cuppa and sit and really enjoy it and Yes I would love to have just one ciggie once more..but it probably wouldn't be just one would it?

It is strange for as much as I would like to have a smoke, when I am at the checkout at the supermarket and the person directly in front of my buys a packet of cigarettes, what does yours truly say? "I gave up smoking three weeks ago" (Or five weeks or two weeks and four days or whatever length of time it is) and the person usually says, "Did you?" and I say back, "Yes, so far I've saved XX hundred dollars." I said this today at the local Coles,  except it was, "I sopped smoking eight weeks ago today" the young woman ahead of me said "that's good, keep it up. They're very addictive." The lass serving was quite impressed and started the smoking is bad for your health spiel and from the way she spoke, I knew she had never smoked. I asked if she had, she said no. She is doing some lifestyle course and as part of it, they had to listen to the lungs of both smokers and non-smokers. She said there is such a difference between the two. When I asked what did they sound like, she said the non-smokers sound like air and she softly blew gently in and out. A smokers she said was like this, she blew in but when she blew out it had a definite uuur sound to it.

Let's listen to some lungs
With this in mind, I tried to find what a pair of lungs sounds like - both smokers and non-smokers. Google "what do the lungs of a smoker and a non-smoker sound like" and found "Smokers vs Normal Lungs - YouTube". Right, so I clicked on it and watched and listened. Twice.

The black lungs on the left look like a couple of fish before they've been skinned. I need to see more shock, horror stuff. Perhaps the more I see, the more I will be put of taking up or going back to smoking again. With this in mind, I decided to watch this video. Of the two, I think the second one is more take notice than the first one. My only complaint if complaint it is, is the video is in Chinese which I can neither read or speak so I have no idea what is being said, one can guess, but actually knowing would be better.

That brown and yellow stuff in the middle doesn't look too good does it? Oh yuk, looks awful and gooey. Towards the end of the vid, the man scrapes some of the brown stuff off, it appears to be some sort of sticky sludge which is stuck to the lung and only by scraping it was he able to get it off. Put it another way, if you washed them under the shower, I don't think the brown gunk would come off.

Lets talk about some other benefits of stopping smoking

Sorry, but I'm not at the sprouting about how healthier it is not to smoke yet, even after watching the videos. So, what advantages are there that I have noticed?
1. First and foremost is the monetary gain - more money in the bank means I can afford to pay bills without getting in a bind etc
2. Again monetary - the Japan trip I booked last year I can actually enjoy more and afford
3. My face seems softer - the skin is not as dry. I have always had good skin and was horrified to find a couple of years ago how dry my skin was. Now it is soft again.
4. I don't cough as much,
5. When I laugh, there's less chance of the laugh turning into a cough.
6. I feel good with myself because I have been able to stop and have stayed off them for eight weeks.

Yes I miss them wish I didn't hopefully the longer I am off them the less I will wish I had one. It just occurred to me, I had better stop saying I stopped smoking eight week/nine weeks ago when I am at the checkout. When I first stopped, it was acceptable to say something like that, but I think now, I probably shouldn't.

Someone reminded me "It has been about two months. Your brain has rewired itself so the cravings really shouldn't be there any more.
Move on. You're an ex-smoker now. Stop thinking about it."

I see what they mean but try telling that to my brain! Am I really an ex-smoker or am I still in the process of giving up? Wouldn't ' an ex-smoker be someone who hasn't smoked for at least six months? Groan, I don't know.

Today's quote: Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each eye and you can't find your cigarettes
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