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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

What Will Happen When The Queen Dies?

The Queen is older than my mum, she's 91 which is a great age. What will happen when she passes away? Even though I'm an Australian, it will seem strange when the old dear is no longer around, I mean she's always been there. She was the Queen when I was a little girl, we had the British national anthem as our anthem and every time you heard it being played, you had to stand up. Which annoyed me no end. You'd be at the pictures with mum and dad sitting down, and just before the film was about to begin, God Save the Queen was played and of course you had to stand up.

Seats at the pictures were different then, dark red leather, not soft and cushy, and if you stood up, your seat flipped up and whacked you on the back of the legs. You can see why I wasn't happy about that. When I asked my mum why did I have to stand up, mum replied, "Because when God Save The Queen is played you must stand up and show respect."

I remember being annoyed and telling mum she wasn't my queen and why should I have to stand up for some old bat thousands of miles away? I grew up hating the old bat and never really developed sympathetic feelings for her. I mean now that I'm all "growed" up and I'm an adult, I know about respect, awe, honour and the rest, but it's funny because if you grow up thinking certain things all your life, it's not easy to magic away your thinking even though you know it to be childish.

Anyway getting back to the gut of this post, I wonder what will happen when the Queen passes away? I suppose Charlie boy will become the next monarch - King Charles III (he should keep in mind what happened to the previous kings named Charles) and I suppose the poor Brits will be stuck with that Camilla woman as his helpmate? Charles wouldn't make her Queen I hope, why even his own father who was born with the title of Prince was never called  King - he was always Prince Philip or the Duke of Edinburgh. I make no bones about not liking that Camilla woman.

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