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FAIR FAT AND FORTY: Never mess with a woman who can pull rank.
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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

It's A Stinker

Today it's 38ºC or 100ºF for those who don't do metric and it's a stinker. A "stinker" by the way means it's a stinking hot day - 38º in the shade! As I sit here working on my blog - siomething which sadkly I've not had time to do - the fan is on to keep me sane, otherwise the sweat just runs down my face like a river flowing after a flood.

Weather people tell us this is the hottest November since 1925. Adelaide had 41º yesterday and 39º today which means we get it a few days later. Perth is far west, then Adelaide, an then Melbourne. So, whatever Perth gets, Adelaide gets and so on.

Everyone complains about the weather - it's a national pastime. Where would we be without "the weather"? It's a great conversation starter - good for at least half an hour or so. Another one is tea - having a "nice hot cup of tea" or in the local lingo "a cuppa" that too is good for half an hour. It is said the Melbourne gets four seasons in the one day. But not today, not on your nelly, definitely summer today even though it is spring.

How do you cope with the weather -when it's hot. If you have air conditioners then you don't cope at all for the simple reason you don't have to - it's all done for you. But for those who don't have air con - how do you keep cool? What do you do, where do you go to keep cool?

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