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FAIR FAT AND FORTY: Never mess with a woman who can pull rank.
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Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Time To...

Well, it really isn't a good time just right now. I really do feel really cheesed off and of course there isn't a punching bag nearby, I can't go and yell in the back yard (the neighbours would think I was a crazy old bat) and I'm too old to flounce and lose my temper so I'll just have to take it out on here.

This is a rant so if you don't wanna read and hear me whinge then I suggest you skip this post and go make yourself a nice, hot cup of tea.

Well now, don't say you haven't been warned. It all started off the other day, I was on a forum, someone asked about presents and mentioned Christmas, asked for suggestions. People offered suggestions, I gave this, we gave that, you know the kind of thing, then one suggested several things, a number of which were really OTT expensive - think plasma tv, chopper rides, kitchen items costing hundreds of dollars each, expensive courses. (These weren't the actual items but are in a similar price bracket).

I was flabbergasted and I'm thinking how commercialised Christmas has become, and quoted the three (OTT expensive) things and asked what happened to the meaning of Christmas and has it now become about buying expensive presents and spending hundreds of dollars?

Then a few hours later that one tells me to get off my high horse and then goes on about how she said presents and didn't say the pagan solstice festival I call christmas, (note - not even a capital letter for the word Christmas) then has the gall to say I'm comparing a single income with kids and grandkid(s) with 'dinkys' who only had each other to buy for. Blah, blah, blah how much he likes his ring/watch/whatever more of the same etc.

Sheesh, where do some people get off with having tickets on themselves? So alright, I have mentioned I have children and yes, I've said I have grandchildren, it's not a great big secret. But gee whiz, there's no need to carry on like a two bob watch. Much as I wanted to type off something in a flurry of fingers on the keyboard and tell her what she could do with a pineapple, I knew getting angry and saying nasty things achieves nothing and anyway, that's not my style.

After giving it some thought I did respond in what I thought was a dignified manner, without getting rude or nasty. I qouted the bit about getting on one's high horse and the bit about finances, incomes 'dinkys' etc. Then wrote that I wasn't on my high horse and I didn't think that I was better than anyone else - that's what the meaning of the phrase is - and if somebody said something I didn't agree with, I hoped I'd have enough courtesy and  good manners not to make pointed or personal remarks about what I thought somebody's financial or family situation was.

I wasn't prepared for the avalanche which followed - Oh please, if you chose to bring money into it and make a comment implying that I'm only buying presents because they are are, to you, expensive - of course I'm going to comment on it because it's not comparing like with like, and you do this on a board where you post a lot about yourself...well suck it up princess

In the words of Hermione Granger.."What. an. idiot."

Then of course we have those in the "select" little clique who always seem to come out and have their own bit of loveliness to add. Like Yes, and frankly it doesn't matter what so-and-so (me) thinks since she's not invited to my family home for Christmas.

Well Doh! Even Homer Simpson could have worked that one out. Not to mention there is an ocean or two in between. Anyway, that little remark (about not being invited) prompted someone to say, Ahh the smell of Christmas spirit is in the air... nothing like Christmas to bring out the best in people!

I tell ya, it's better than watching boring soapies on the telly.

You know something? It never ceases to amaze me how the people who are the favoured few can say things and and that's alright, but if somebody else were to say the same thing, the pack of the elite all band together and jump down your throat. I've witnessed this a few times. One person I quite like posted about something that happened at her work and oh boy oy vey... you shoulda heard the catty remarks that came forth - she had committed the unpardonabloe sin of not being one of the "clique" you see. Same thing has happened to some others as well. Another time the nastiness that was directed at someone was horrifying and a few people remarked on it - the amount of venom that spewed forth combined with a complete disregard and utter lack of emotion. It made my head spin.

I came upon this phrase - Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level and I thought how appropriate. It was Quentin Crisp who coined that little pearl of wisdom and it made me laugh.

Well I think I've worked it out of my system now, I actually started writing this before today and wasn't going to click "publish post", but then I added some more and thought why not? It's probably good for one's equalibrium to get it off one's chest rather than bottle it all up inside where it festers. So, I'll finish this and have my tea.

1 comment:

Annemarie said...

hello there Blossomflower,

Haha I enjoyed your little rant, feel exactly the same myself. We in this wonderful land down under are a very different kettle of fish. We have equality here and a dinky di attitude, not so in the lands far far away and over the big waters.They have to keep up with the joneses so that they can feel snooty. Silly really, who cares what the joneses have anyway.

By the way beautiful blog, quite stunning.

Have a great day...

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