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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Giving up Smoking #4

Eight weeks today since I stopped smoking. Yes I miss it and Yes I wish I could have just one smoke with a cuppa and sit and really enjoy it and Yes I would love to have just one ciggie once more..but it probably wouldn't be just one would it?

It is strange for as much as I would like to have a smoke, when I am at the checkout at the supermarket and the person directly in front of my buys a packet of cigarettes, what does yours truly say? "I gave up smoking three weeks ago" (Or five weeks or two weeks and four days or whatever length of time it is) and the person usually says, "Did you?" and I say back, "Yes, so far I've saved XX hundred dollars." I said this today at the local Coles,  except it was, "I sopped smoking eight weeks ago today" the young woman ahead of me said "that's good, keep it up. They're very addictive." The lass serving was quite impressed and started the smoking is bad for your health spiel and from the way she spoke, I knew she had never smoked. I asked if she had, she said no. She is doing some lifestyle course and as part of it, they had to listen to the lungs of both smokers and non-smokers. She said there is such a difference between the two. When I asked what did they sound like, she said the non-smokers sound like air and she softly blew gently in and out. A smokers she said was like this, she blew in but when she blew out it had a definite uuur sound to it.

Let's listen to some lungs
With this in mind, I tried to find what a pair of lungs sounds like - both smokers and non-smokers. Google "what do the lungs of a smoker and a non-smoker sound like" and found "Smokers vs Normal Lungs - YouTube". Right, so I clicked on it and watched and listened. Twice.

The black lungs on the left look like a couple of fish before they've been skinned. I need to see more shock, horror stuff. Perhaps the more I see, the more I will be put of taking up or going back to smoking again. With this in mind, I decided to watch this video. Of the two, I think the second one is more take notice than the first one. My only complaint if complaint it is, is the video is in Chinese which I can neither read or speak so I have no idea what is being said, one can guess, but actually knowing would be better.

That brown and yellow stuff in the middle doesn't look too good does it? Oh yuk, looks awful and gooey. Towards the end of the vid, the man scrapes some of the brown stuff off, it appears to be some sort of sticky sludge which is stuck to the lung and only by scraping it was he able to get it off. Put it another way, if you washed them under the shower, I don't think the brown gunk would come off.

Lets talk about some other benefits of stopping smoking

Sorry, but I'm not at the sprouting about how healthier it is not to smoke yet, even after watching the videos. So, what advantages are there that I have noticed?
1. First and foremost is the monetary gain - more money in the bank means I can afford to pay bills without getting in a bind etc
2. Again monetary - the Japan trip I booked last year I can actually enjoy more and afford
3. My face seems softer - the skin is not as dry. I have always had good skin and was horrified to find a couple of years ago how dry my skin was. Now it is soft again.
4. I don't cough as much,
5. When I laugh, there's less chance of the laugh turning into a cough.
6. I feel good with myself because I have been able to stop and have stayed off them for eight weeks.

Yes I miss them wish I didn't hopefully the longer I am off them the less I will wish I had one. It just occurred to me, I had better stop saying I stopped smoking eight week/nine weeks ago when I am at the checkout. When I first stopped, it was acceptable to say something like that, but I think now, I probably shouldn't.

Someone reminded me "It has been about two months. Your brain has rewired itself so the cravings really shouldn't be there any more.
Move on. You're an ex-smoker now. Stop thinking about it."

I see what they mean but try telling that to my brain! Am I really an ex-smoker or am I still in the process of giving up? Wouldn't ' an ex-smoker be someone who hasn't smoked for at least six months? Groan, I don't know.

Today's quote: Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each eye and you can't find your cigarettes
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