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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Overweight #02

Well now, I did say in my previous Overweight post to be continued did I not? Well of course I did. Yesterday when I was at the doc's, I spoke with him about how overweight I am.

Well it's official I am seriously over-weight. Look, I knew I was over weight words like fat I can live with but the word obese is horrible and I won't be using it. I was overweight before I stopped smoking (10 weeks ago) and I had been putting on weight for a while but it has now ballooned out of all proportion to plague level. I find it hard to breathe, am nearly always short of breathe, my feet and ankles look like they belong to the fat lady at the circus and my clothes are tight. The only exercise I get is walking to/from the car.

A friend suggested when getting home from work, before going in the house, walk two houses then come back. Do the same in the afternoon (I work a split shift). The next day walk past three houses, next day four houses and so on, increasing by one house per day. I started this a few days ago - on Wednesday 13 April - tomorrow I will be "on" six houses. On the third day, I forgot to do my houses in the afternoon and when I remembered it was past eight o'clock but I went and did them although I got mixed up and only walked three houses instead of four. And then on the Saturday when I was walking five houses, I realised I I'd got mixed up the day before (Friday) and had only walked three houses in the morning as well. I know this is true because today, I didn't remember seeing the fourth house yesterday.

Embarrassed about Weight
Spoke with doc about being overweight and asked him to weigh me, and no, I won't write my weight up but never have I weighed this much. I am too embarrassed to say what I weigh. How do I go about losing weight? A special diet? Too much like hard work and I doubt I would stick to it. Cutting things out of diet? Cutting down and eating smaller serves? Doc today said eat smaller serves, when I asked him did that include breakfast because a serve of cereal is only 45 grams, he said yes. I did tell him after meals my stomach doesn't feel full and I am still hungry. He replied tough. Make yourself wait 20 minutes then you'll feel full.

About 15/16 years ago, I had occasion to visit the doctor's at the end of my street (he wasn't my doc but he was only a few houses away) and I remember seeing this diet. I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember it proclaimed to guarantee you would lose 3kg in 10 days. Great I thought, I have to try this. It also said it was medically proven and okayed by a doctor. So I started this diet, while most of what the food was has been forgotten in the mists of time, I do remember having to eat cottage cheese (yuk it was revolting) and a banana (double yuk, I stopped eating bananas when I was ten years old and couldn't stand them). I almost puked I felt so sick of that bloody cheese and banana, but I persevered and was excited to find I had lost two inches off my waist, an inch of the hips, and a bit off the thighs.But it was the loss around the waist and stomach area that had me sold. By the time the ten days came around, my mouth was terribly dry, and there was something else which wasn't good but I knew I had to lose weight.

That's it! I decided that's it I'm going to lose weight and went from 92kg to, it was either 62.5 or 60.5. I kept the weight off for a few months then gradually it came back on only this time around I weigh a lot more than I did then. You see losing those initial inches gave me the boost I needed to want to lose weight. It's no good saying, "I have to lose weight, I wish I could lose weight" - you have to want it, the feeling has to come from inside, and until that happens, you will not successfully lose weight, you will not have the will or inclination to do so. I speak from my own experience - the feeling must come from within you. Although I know I have to do something bout my ballooning weight and I want to lose weight, I am honest enough to be able to admit I do not have the "I want to lose weight feeling" I had all those years ago. Will that feeling come back? I don't know, but I know that this isn't something that can be forced, you can't force it, it has to come naturally.

Today's quote: It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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