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FAIR FAT AND FORTY: Never mess with a woman who can pull rank.
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Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Downunder

Christmas in Australia - IN the red roofed homes of Australia across this wide brown land, hundreds of people sit down on Christmas Day to a piping hot Christmas lunch (usually) at one o'clock in the afternoon. And there will be a selection of hot meats - roast pork (complete with crackling), or roast beef or lamb,or a couple of roast chooks, roast turkey and ham - the ham is often cold.

And it will be accompanied with all the trimmings - baked spuds, pumpkin and carrot, and green vegies. This of course will be followed by piping hot Chrissie pud with hot custard and/or cream and maybe ice-cream. Very nice on a cold winters day I'm sure. Only thing is - Christmas Day in Australia is in summer and here we are sitting down to a hot meal that would warm the cockles of your heart - and it'll be Forty degrees in the shade! - that's 40ºC - 104ºF!

Christmas Fashions

And you'll find many will be dressed in their Christmas shorts...

and thongs.

With a t-shirt instead of the usual singlet. (A tshirt is dressier)

We've even had to change the words of some of the Christmas songs - like Jingle Bells - To reflect the Aussie landscape of course! I mean, could you imagine singing about sleighs and snowmen? In Australia? There wouldn't be any reindeer (they couldn't take the heat), the sleighs would wear out crossing the Nullarbor, and the snowmen would melt! Here's our version of Jingle Bells -

1 comment:

wenn said...

lovely. i had my first xmas celebration in newcastle in 2004.

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