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Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Six White Boomers

As you know, Christmas "Downunder" is in summer and the poor old reindeer (Rudolph, et al) couldn't stand the heat. And would probably suffer terrible sunburn!

And so, apart from a rusty Holden Ute, if Father Christmas/Santa did use his sleigh, it would of course be pulled by six white boomers. For the uninitiated, a boomer is a kangaroo. Why, we even have a song about them.

The Six White Boomers

Well, yesterday was certainly a "stinker" - 37ยบ with a hot northerly. Junior and I went to the fruit shop and did all the shopping for fruit and vegies. He's been very good and has been a marvelous help - I did my back in and am unable to do very much and he's been a tower of strength. He picked out and carried all the stuff, while I waited near the car. I saw one very hot "Santa" walking along the street, ringing his bell, in full Christmas regalia - red suit, hat, and beard. He must have been terribly hot and I'm sure he would have like nothing better than to be down at the beach, (trying to) cooling off.

Best thing for hot summer days.

I may not be able to post for a bit, so I wish you all a merry Christmas. And for all those who are unhappy or troubled, may the Spirit of Christmas bring you joy and peace. And above all, be happy.☺
God bless.

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wenn said...

merry christmas!

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