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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Well now, to everybody everywhere, may the coming year bring you whatever your heart's desire and a pocketful of coinage.

And so it is the last day of the year and time to make our New Year resolutions - do you make resolutions? I'm thinking of some that I know I'll be able to keep - I mean it's pretty silly making all those grandiose reso thingies and just knowing you ain't gonna keep 'em!

So... better to make ones you know you'll be able to keep without too much difficulty.'s see now...
1. I promise I will eat all my hot chips and food that's bad for me
2. I will not give up smoking for 2010
3. I will make sure there's petrol in the car
4. I will eat chocolate when and where I feel like it
5. I will not go on a diet
6. I will wear daggy clothes and sloppy t-shirts
7. I will keep the house messy
8. I will not vacuum unless I really, really have to
9. I will not give up stuff for Lent
10. I will annoy my grown-up kiddies and embarrass them.

Reckon I'll have a pretty easy job of keeping those resolutions. See, no point in making stuff you won't keep - you're just fooling yourself.
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