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Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Day - Boring Children

Happy New Year to all the Bloggers everywhere. D'you know something? Last night was the first NYE for many years that I was actually going to go and see the fireworks.

Son down from Sidders and his gf (lovely girl btw) and I were going to go - anyway the cool change came and it was bloody pouring - thunder and lightning, sounded like the heavens had opened.

Honestly, it was raining cats and dogs, ergo we couldn't go and see all the pretty fire crackers. The gf said they probably wouldn't start - they'd all get wet you see and that'd put 'em out.

Heard 'em, but couldn't see 'em. Not to worry - had a very nice 2005 Barossa champers in the fridge plus a half bottle of Charders from the Peninsula just in case they didn't want a drink.

Come midnight, asked son to open the champs. I'd forgotten he had to drive his gf home - so he couldn't drink. (He's on his P's). Disappointing for me really, But oh well, made do wtih some Lindt - that and working on my blogs.

Rang Mum - we sang Auld Lang Syne together

then rang eldest son (also in Sidders) - no answer.

Rang daughter, she was asleep,

rang next son, he was groggy and asleep,

rang youngest son - he said he's brushing his teeth and off to bed

Rang my gd - couldn't hear a thing, she was at Crown or somewhere. She rang back later when it was a little quieter about 1.10am it was.

As my son (The Banker) said, "We're boring aren't we?" You can say that again - I reckon I must be the only parent who has boring grown-up kiddies who go to bed on New Years Eve long before the clock strikes 12! Shouldn't it be the other way around? (Sigh) A very big one!☺ (Sigh that is)

Today I'm goin' shoppin'!


wenn said...

Happy New Year!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Thanks Wenn - Happy New Year to you too.

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