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FAIR FAT AND FORTY: Never mess with a woman who can pull rank.
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Turning Sad into Happy

Ever had one of those days when you feel sort of miserable? When you feel disappointed? Well. today I turned disappointment into un-disappointment. I'd planned on going to the farmers market, primarily to buy free range eggs then go up to Kinglake to get a lambskin steering wheel cover from a little country shop, and over to a place where you can bottle your own spring water. Today came I didn't really feel like going anywhere - weather was cool and miserable. Anyway, son asked for a lift to the station so I thought if I'm going to be driving, I might as well go out as I'd planned.

So, driving along I felt sort of sad and depressed, arrived at Yering and all the free range eggs had gone. Disappoiuntment No 1. Thought I'd buy one of the delicious shepherds pies. Disappointment No 2 - none left. Drove up to Kinglake, the shop is closed until next month - Disappointment No 3. Took out my Thermos and made a cuppa tea - it started raining, the weather had turned nasty. Thought I'll buy a nice hot pie. Disappointment No 4 - no ordinary meat pies left. Had sausage rolls instead. Decided to forget about bottling spring water - driving an extra 50 odd kms on a cold and rainy day wasn't worth it.

Started on my way back and stopped a few times to photograph the Ranges. Stopped at a country general store where I'd bought a cup of tea last year, just to say hello - she didn't remember me of course as I would have been just one of many customers. To my surprise, I started feeling better. Driving along I saw a sign "Lovegrove Winery" and thought why not? So in I went.

Lovegrove Winery Estate

The sun had come out and the scenery was just lovely. I enjoyed a spot of wine tasting. Knowing I had to drive, I sat outside and had a smoke while taking pleasure in the scene before my eyes. And do you know something? I realised I felt better and I was glad I'd gone out today. I was really pleased that I'd stopped at Lovegrove and wondered how I hadn't seen it when I was up this way last year. I found out why at my next stop.

Winery Gardens

This was the view I had. I bought a bottle of wine (a 2005 Merlot) and asked the owner Stephen would he mind if I set a while outside with my coffee. So I drank some coffee and thought I'd better eat something. All I had was a box of cakes I'd bought at the farmers market.

Yummy Cakes

There were six - I had one of the friands. Later I saw the road sign saying "Hurstbridge" and thought to myself, hang on, where's Panton Hill? Saw a sign pointing backwards saying "Panton Hill 3)and noticed another road with "Free Range Eggs" written on the road side sign, so up this unfamiliar road I went - alas they didn't any eggs but the lady said if I cared to stop at the studio just "up there" they might have some.

Country Hens

I did and they did. The chap said they were only pullets but I didn't mind. I had my free range eggs and was happy.

Coffee Stop

Stopped here for a cappuccino - my thermos flask is small and the water long gone - and that's when I found out the reason for not seeing the winerey before. Turns out the road I drove on today is the low road and when I'd come this way before, I'd turned left and gone on the high road. Isn't it strange how the simple act of not turning left showed me different things and made my day happy? Not only did my day turn into a "good" day, I found a place where you can buy fresh eggs, and a nice winery.

Singing Syrup

The bottle of wine I bought.


wenn said...

nice wine! cheers!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Yes it was Wenn. When the weather's cooler it will be a nice drop in the evening.

Kate said...

Mmmm the wine looks good!

Kate xx

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

The wines I tasted were quite good, some better than others. This bottle hasn't been opened - I'm putting it down for a few years to cellar.

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